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Keyboard and Language dependency in Windows 10

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    In windows 10 when we are using a language can we use a different keyboard belonging to another language. For example can we use win 10 in English but can we use a French keyboard layout.

    Thank you.
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    When you say different keyboard do you mean you want to physically switch to a different keyboard.

    french keyboard:

    vs english keyboard:


    During internationalization testing, a programmer did this in my group. He decided to swap out his english keyboard for a french one and discovered that he couldn't login. The reason was his password had an A in it so he realized he couldn't press the French keyboard A but instead had to type the French keyboard Q which was in the same physical location.

    Basically the printed keycaps are there for us to type with. Pressing a key on the keyboard sends a scan code to the computer. The computer uses a scancode to character table which maps the key to the correct character.

    Here's a keyboard with scancodes:
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    Yes and no. Windows allows you to set the keyboard type with an icon in the dashboard if you set it to.

    However... Windows is stupid. It'll forget. At least three times a day I have to set my keyboard back to dvorak because Windows just decided to switch it to qwerty. There doesn't seem to be any reason to why or when this change happens, it just seems english qwerty has some special characteristics in the windows OS that occasionally causes it to be reverted to, regardless of your current keyboard settings.
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    I looked the link and I know that. This is what I have mean to say. In win 10, there is dependency between keyboards and languages. By that setting, one cannot use French keyboard with Engish language but I want to go beyond this dependency i. e I want to use a French keyboard with language is set to English.

    Thank you.
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    Did you read my post on keyboard scan codes?

    This is why you can't just plug in the french keyboard because the keycaps are switched around some.

    Have you looked in Windows 10 to see if you can specify the keyboard you want to use?

    Searching on Google:


    I found this link:


    They do mention that you might choose french-canadian keyboard to get what you want.
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