What is Keyboard: Definition and 72 Discussions

CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems. It is a special ASCII text file that contains user-accessible setup or configuration directives evaluated by the operating system's DOS BIOS (typically residing in IBMBIO.COM or IO.SYS) during boot. CONFIG.SYS was introduced with DOS 2.0.

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  1. nomadreid

    Windows 11 keeps switching my keyboard

    I have searched on the Internet for a solution to the above problem, without success. I don't want to get rid of the other keyboards (I need them), It happens more and more frequently. I find nothing appropriate in Settings>Language & Region, or anything else in Settings. It is mostly in...
  2. S

    Do modern motherboards use a keyboard interface chip?

    Years ago, most PC motherboards had a PS2 connector for the keyboard and (I think) most had a special chip that managed that interface. Now that most PCs use USB keyboards, is the keyboard interface still implemented by a separate chip?
  3. J

    Keyboard shortcut to "Email a link to this page"

    Hi! I need a keyboard shortcut to "Email a link to this page" in Firefox 88.0 running on both Win10Pro & Mojave 10.14.6. Anyone got a way to configure this? Or know of a way to do this? Thanks!
  4. mishima

    Piano Keyboard, detecting multiple keys pressed

    I have an old piano keybed I am trying to turn into a midi controller for a synthesizer. The keybed has 32 keys and is just a matrix of diodes and buttons. There are 2 buttons per key (2 buttons per note pressed on the piano). This is for MIDI velocity, ordinarily the time between the two...
  5. kyphysics

    Spilled 1/3 bottle water onto table and laptop keyboard area....

    I was reaching for some crackers across the table. My arm tipped over a full opened bottled water that splashed about 1/3 of its contents out of it. Of that 1/3, about 50% got on the table and the other 50% splashed across my laptop's keyboard area. I immediately reached for towels to soak...
  6. M

    Apple MacBook keyboard shortcut

    Hi PF! I'm wondering if there is a way to customize the left-right shared screen keyboard shortcut on a Mac? It seems like all I can do is hover over the top-left of the green arrow to do this, no keyboard. Thanks so much
  7. berkeman

    Computer Keyboard Hacks to Fix UI Problems

    With Win7 and Win10 laptops, the UI has some serious issues, IMO. I've had several work and personal laptops with super sensitive touchpads, and lately the Num Lock key has proved problematic. On my older laptops, I was able to use the Control Panel to disable the touchpad so that it would not...
  8. karush

    MHB Finding the Right Tablet Keyboard: Swift Key App for Chromebooks

    currently using clip stack but its awkward have the enter pin code at every entry and the navigation sucks using it with Chromebook any happy options out there:censored: for tablets the "swift key" app is your cowboy
  9. karush

    MHB Swiftkey tablet keyboard \displaystyle

    $\displaystyle\dfrac{a}{b}$ OK thot I would suggest using the swiftkey keyboard if you are using a tablet it has an easy access clipboard with user defined shortcuts very nice for latex equations and commonly needed templates
  10. Bob Walance

    A standard piano keyboard juxtaposed with a 'balanced' keyboard

    I enjoy music and have acquired a certain level of relative pitch. That is, I attempt to be able to identify musical intervals and chords such that I can play along with the music that I'm listening to. The guitar is a good instrument for me because of its simple layout . However, piano has...
  11. M

    Keyboard Locked? How to Unlock Without Restarting

    While I am typing something fairly lengthy, occasionally a message pops up asking if I want to go into some mode, where I don't type. When I see it, my answer is always no However on occasion I am busy typing without looking at the screen. If this message pops up and I don't check no, it...
  12. mesa

    USB 3.0 keyboards, signal to pins for keys?

    I have a couple quick questions on keyboards with a USB 3.0 cable. When we first turn on our computers, is it the 5V pin that turns on the keyboard? When we press a key such as 'esc' or 'enter', through what pin(s) do these signals get sent to the computer? Thanks!
  13. D

    Unlocking the Power of Scroll Lock: Tips and Tricks for Excel Users

    Hi guys, The only use of "scroll lock" I am aware of is in Ms Excel. If you press scroll lock after you have selected a cell, you can go up and down (within the worksheet) by pressing PgUp and PgDn without the cell being deselected. Does anyone know other uses of "scroll lock" button?
  14. M

    Troubleshooting Keyboard Lockup on IBM Thinkpad with Windows 7

    On occasion my keyboard locks up. IBM thinkpad, Windows 7. It occurs when I am typing a message in a forum like now. Fortunately my mouse still works, so I can save the (incomplete) message and then restart the computer, freeing the keyboard. Any ideas why it is happening and is there a...
  15. M

    Keyboard and Language dependency in Windows 10

    In windows 10 when we are using a language can we use a different keyboard belonging to another language. For example can we use win 10 in English but can we use a French keyboard layout. Thank you.
  16. M

    Keyboard Lock-up: Causes & Solutions

    On rare occasions, for no apparent reason, my keyboard (PC) locks - i.e. it won't respond. The only control I have then is via the mouse. To get back to normal I have to restart. Does anyone know what happened and is there a simpler way to get the keyboard back?
  17. C

    MHB Random Number Generation Avoiding Human Error in the Keyboard

    Hi All Im hoping I am in the right area to ask this?!? Im looking for someones help. Is there a standard methodology or known equation for generating a random alpha numeric serial or incremental, which does not allow two characters to be used in sequence to each other which are near each other...
  18. Y

    Radiation emitted by wired keyboard

    Hi, I heard before that wired keyboards emits radiation when a key is clicked. My goal is to build a keylogger based on this phenomenon (for fun, of course). I've already seen some variations of this idea, but they were all using wireless keyboard, where it is much more simple to detect and...
  19. 3301

    Self charging keyboard - Is it possible or just funny?

    Last night I had a drink with my friend and short after he started talking about self charging keyboard. It is a wireless keyboard and it "could" be charged when you are typing ( mechanical to electrical ) or by cleaning it ( whipping off the keyboard with something and then electrons "would" be...
  20. R

    Button Presser (for the keyboard)

    Is there any way I can use some type of spring / button pressing (for the keyboard) contraption to press two (or three) different keys at different intervals? Or does anyone know if some type of machine already exists? I know there are things called macros that can be downloaded that can press...
  21. J

    Two programs to receive keyboard input simultaneously?

    Hi, A tough one here. Does anyone know a way to control 2 or more programs simultaneously? i.e. give focus to two programs? My brother wants to control two games (full screen), on the same PC, at once, I assume that he only needs one to be maximized at a time, but the trouble is giving focus...
  22. M

    Can a person write with more than one keyboard layouts?

    Hi, all. I want to ask this question for a better usage of keyboards. I have read that Q-keyboards are not suitable for languages except for English. I write with ten fingers without looking keyboard. Can I learn another keyboard settings as if a person's learning of a second language.? Another...
  23. G

    Physics/math keyboard for android app

    Does anyone know any sufficient keyboard app for android tablets containing physics and math symbols? Including vectors maybe
  24. W

    How do I fix my laptop keyboard not typing certain letters?

    Hi All, I have a problem with my Windows 8 laptop keyboard: Some of the letters in the keyboard produce no output when I use them, i.e., some of the keys I hit on the keyboard do not result in any screen output. Note that I have not spilled anything in nor near the computer. Please note...
  25. J

    Compaq CQ71-401SA keyboard

    I'm trying to replace the cooling fan on a Compaq CQ71-401SA laptop, but have run into a problem with the keyboard removal. All the manuals that I've found online say that, having removed the relevant screws, I should rotate the keyboard and it will come free from the laptop body, my problem is...
  26. Square1

    Your favorite keyboard combinations

    Do you have favorite/most handy hotkeys? I started to appreciate them when in class taking notes fast and I don't have a mouse and resent using a mouse-pad heavily. All time favorite for me is "Windows + D". It minimizes all windows and takes you to your desktop. Absolutely love it. Close...
  27. M

    Can I modify my keyboard driver to output a specific string of keypresses?

    Is it possible to modify the keyboard driver, so that the keyboard outputs a certain string of keypresses when i press a certain key combination. So for example, when I press CTRL-ALT-1, the keyboard sends an implementation of the max-flow algorithm to the computer, just like you typed it.
  28. V

    Looking for help Retro Fitting a computer keyboard

    Long story short I want to Mount a Computer inside an Antique typewriter maintaining the look and feel of the antique. My initial plan is to dissasemble a Toshiba Satellite and disgard any thing I don't need (plastic housing, Maybe the speakers, and any chassis' I can do without) I have so far...
  29. S

    (?) on creating a see through monitor and keyboard?

    Could this be done and how hard would it be to do? I'm always hungry for see through for see through things like I have a see through usb hub and a see through prison tv that i got while yard-saling. I saw a this video on YouTube-(DIY transparent see through (Holographic) LCD screen). It...
  30. Ibix

    Optimal layout for soft keyboard

    I hope this isn't going to be a really dumb question, but I'm stuck on a personal project. I'm writing a multi-tap keyboard (like ye olde phones that actually had keyboards and didn't have predictive text) for a smartphone with a small screen. I'd like the layout to be in some sense optimal...
  31. turbo

    Do NOT buy a Unicomp keyboard

    Mine just failed with a whole strip of keys that won't register. 4,5 t,r f,g v,c will not register. Customer "service" told me to ship the keyboard back (I have to buy packing materials and pay for shipping...) and they will fix it and return it. If you pay $100 for a premium tactile...
  32. Y

    Gmail Tap - Keyboard Revolution

    For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, did google get you with this? Gmail Tap Google typically does some pretty clever things for April Fools, and I typically see right through. This one got me though, I thought to myself, "Oh great now I'll have to learn Morse Code." I was actually stupid...
  33. M

    Special keys (windows 7 keyboard)

    On my keyboard (bottom row) there are two keys which I have no idea what they do. I tried Googling "keyboard", but couldn't get anything useful. the keys look like this: 1. Rectangle with Fn inside 2. Something that resembles a list (blank) with an arrow
  34. turbo

    Where is my new keyboard?

    Where is my new keyboard? I can't stand waiting! If I tried to write code on this worthless POS Dell keyboard, I would have been out of work. Can a keyboard be the difference between "fat and happy" and struggling? If input matters, yes.
  35. turbo

    New (old) keyboard is on the way.

    After years of complaining (which accomplishes nothing) about the crappy keyboards that ship with newer computers, I have dumped almost $100 to get a real keyboard, with tactile feedback and enough key-travel to allow my arthritic fingers to type without unnecessary pain. I loved the old IBM...
  36. DaveC426913

    Keyboard gives me funny characters

    This happens occasionally. Never been able to figure out why or how to revert it. It's often varying causes and effects but right now, when I am in Outlook Express on W7, if I press the ? key, I instead get a É. I'm sure it's a keystroke combination that activates some obscure language setting...
  37. Y

    Java Need help dealing with keyboard listener in java

    I have a program which uses a keyboard listener and moves a character in the program when the user places a key. However when the user let's go of the key the character keeps going a few more steps. I think what is happening is that I use a while loop and make it wait a few seconds in order to...
  38. P

    How 2 Notes Combine on Piano Keyboard

    A friend of mine says they can tell which 2 notes are being played together on a piano keyboard. How can this be if the 2 notes combine to form a single wave (sum of the 2) ?
  39. T

    What's necessary for cordless keyboard & mouse?

    What do they communicate by? As in, do I need a bluetooth adaptor or will a b/g/n wireless adapter do? Also, do these things need proprietary drivers or will they work out of the box with Linux(Kubuntu)? The keyboard: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003VAGXZC/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Thanks for your time.
  40. E

    Keyboard input does not match keys - Please help

    Keyboard input does not match keys - Please help! I currently am having a massive issue with my computer. The input keys do not match the keys on the keyboard and all input goes to hotkeys. I have to use on screen keyboard to type. The keys themselves worked, but are automatically redirected...
  41. R

    Inputting to Char Arrays from Keyboard - Linux/GCC

    Hi,I have a question about C.I have declared two char arrays.I want to write one string through one line to take them first array.When ı touch enter and go to next line ,it will place my charecters which have been given later touching enter to second array.What can I do this? ,please help me...
  42. J

    Pressing a key on computer keyboard

    Suppose "0" and "1" digits of binary in computers stand for 0v and 5v respectively. Further suppose "A" on the keyboard is the result of this combination "1101". Let's say there are four open switches lying down under the "A" key. When the key is pressed one of the four switches produced 0v and...
  43. V

    Converting Drums to Keyboard: Can it be Done?

    Hello, Is it possible to 'convert' the sound of a drum to a keyboard instrument, e.g. using signal processing techniques. Measure the pitch of a snare drum, and attempt to recreate it in MATLAB? I don't think it's possible, since a (snare) drum doesn't have a fundamental frequency, does...
  44. P

    Solving a Locked Keyboard: Fix Keys That Won't Work

    Someone hit some random combination of keys that locked up some of the keyboard. A few of them started working but there is still a couple that don't work. Does anyone know how to unlock these keys?:uhh:
  45. E

    Keyboard ac adapter problem

    Hi My GEM PK5(keyboard) ac adapter broke down. I used an alternative ac adapter on 12 volts but the whole keyboard shuts off and then on everytime I play on the keyboard when the volume is high enough. The original keyboard is big in size and the alternative ac adapter i used is small I am not...
  46. K

    How to work out mechanical energy used to stroke a key on a keyboard

    I am working on a project to use piezoelectric ribbons printed on rubber underneath a laptop keyboard to charge its battery. I have the conversion rate of the ribbons from mechanical energy to electric energy. I need to work out how much mechanical energy is used (and what is the formula) to...
  47. A

    Project: Wireless Mouse or Keyboard

    Hi all, I was thinking of making an RF wireless mouse or keyboard. Can anyone help me in getting started? What re the concepts that i might need for this? Since this is a basic level project, the specifications are highly flexible. All help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  48. A

    Making keyboard controlled RF Car

    I have embarked on my first real project of making a wireless controlled car. But here the remote is going to be my keyboard. I am also thinking of mounting a camera on its top for live feed. Please suggest resources on everything, especially USB interfacing as I want it to be UPnP.
  49. hypatia

    Cleaning a Messy Keyboard: How to Tackle Q,Z & X Keys

    Its almost 1am here, I have just turned on a halogen light above my keyboard and OMG it is so dirty! Some, most used keys I would expect to be dirty, but the Q,Z and X? Now hopefully some one can tell me the best way to clean this mess?
  50. Xezlec

    Awesome vintage keyboard replica?

    Hey, does anyone think this is a good idea? There's a really legendary old Lisp Machine keyboard with lots of buttons colloquially called the "space cadet" keyboard. http://world.std.com/~jdostale/kbd/SpaceCadet.html" [Broken]. These things are totally impossible to find (believe me, I've...