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Homework Help: Kinematic Equations - Manipulating them.

  1. Sep 21, 2006 #1
    Hi, I'm new to this forum.

    I need major help on my homework. So the kinematic equation,
    Vf² = Vi² + 2ad

    I need to figure out how to manipulate it so I can find Vf(final velocity), Vi(initial velocity), a(acceleration), and d(displacement).

    I figured to find Vf, you just square root it, but I can't figure out how to get everything else.

    Vi = ?
    a = ?
    d = ?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. Sep 21, 2006 #2
    It's simple algebra, really...

    Vf2 = Vi2 + 2ad
    Vf2 - 2ad = Vi2
    Then square root both sides of the equation, and voila! I'm sure you can figure out a and d for yourself...
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