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Homework Help: Kinematics of a thrown football - Find the path

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    - A quarterback throws a football at 25 m/s at a certain angle above the horizontal. If it took the ball 3.2 s to reach the top of its path, how long was it in the air?

    - I have absolutely no idea how to do this :(
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    Re: Velocity

    I could be wrong, but if there is no air resistance, then the ball would stay at the same velocity the entire time...

    >_> Woops. I didn't notice you were asking about the time...
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    Re: Velocity

    hahhaha I think I know this one. It takes the exact amount of time for the ball to go up and to come down so just 3.2 x 2 I believe. but it sounds a bit too easy....
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    Re: Velocity

    ^ that was right, thank you so much!
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