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Kinetic and Potential Energy of Baseball Graphing Question

  1. May 24, 2010 #1
    A baseball is thrown directly upward at time t=0 and is caught again at time t=5\;\rm s. Assume that air resistance is so small that it can be ignored and that the zero point of gravitational potential energy is located at the position at which the ball leaves the thrower's hand.

    I need to sketch a graph of the baseball's gravitational potential energy. I am stuck at this part. I already did the graph for kinetic energy but I do not know what to do for this
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    If, as you say, you already have the kinetic energy graph, then the potential energy graph is the exact inverse of it. This is because the total energy (k.e. + p.e) is constant. As the one goes up the other goes down such that the sum stays the same.
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    thank you
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