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Kinetic energy, movement <-> energy ?

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    Hi there,

    I always thought that kinetic energy was the energy associated to a movement, ie, I have a ball in movement so I had printed the energy of my body on it when I kicked the ball, right? So I gave energy to the ball that started to move it. energy -> movement.
    However, I was reading the book 'Principles of Chemistry' and in its definition of Kinetic energy they have 'energy given to a body by its movement', which according to my understanding means that I gave the energy to the ball when I kicked it and then the ball started to move, so movement -> energy.

    Please help me!! I'm so confused!!

    Thank you all in advance :)
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    Doc Al

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    A body in motion has kinetic energy. (See: Kinetic Energy)

    When you kicked the ball, you exerted a force on the ball through a certain distance, which resulted in the ball gaining kinetic energy.
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