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Kinetic energy of nuclear reaction

  1. Sep 29, 2010 #1
    reaction B10(n,alpha)Li7, Q=2.79Mev. the He4 and Li7 are oppositely directed away from the site of the compound nucleus and form one straight track.
    a) what is the initial kinetic energy (KE) of He4?
    b) what is the initial KE of Li7 nucleus?
    c) estimate the ratio of the specific ionization produced by the 2 fragments, if the geometric-mean excitation potential of the medium is I= 100eV

    my work:
    a) & b)(Ek)gamma + (Ek)Li + (Ek)alpha = 0.48 MeV + 0.84 MeV + 1.47 MeV= 2.79 Mev but i dunno how the energy is distributed.
    c) By using dE/dS= (4πZ2e4/moV2)NZ ln2moV2/I

    (question from R. D. Evans. The Atomic Nucleus. page 646 problem 1)

    Specific ionization= stopping power
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    Vanadium 50

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    Please show your work.
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