L type activated carbon -- is it hazardous?

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Hot activated carbon and water
Hello i Tried to clean my activated carbon ,washed then put on oven then cool with water again. Is it possble to make anything other than CO2 this way? I read l type is something similar is that hazardous?

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A thermal process of 400C is used to create Activated Carbon (activated charcoal).

A common way to "regenerate" the stuff is to bake it in your kitchen oven. That will 'bake out' (vaporize) much of whatever it has adsorbed.

Regeneration has a few potential problems though:
[*] You don't know what or how much is being removed to the surrounding air
[*] Not all of what was adsorbed is likely to be removed
[*] The retail cost of energy to bake it may exceed the carbon replacement cost


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