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Lab reference material for physics undergrads?

  1. Aug 17, 2012 #1
    Hey, I'm wondering if there is a small reference book/sheet or so around for writing up experiments in undergraduate lab work, mostly in the error analysis? How did/do you go about deciding on how to calculate various errors?

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    Gaussian error propagation was fine for all my undergrad lab courses, and if it would have been wrong somewhere, I am sure the manual would explain how to calculate errors in this case.

    Rule of thumb: If you measure something, there is an uncertainty involved. Check whether this can be neglected, otherwise propagate its error through your analysis.
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    I've always used Taylor's 'An Introduction to Error Analysis'. It was a required text for my first year physics lab.
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    This site produced by a physics textbook publisher explains how to
    calculate and use percent difference, percent error, etc.

    http://www.polyhedronlearning.com/cengage/lab_info_frame.html [Broken]
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