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Lab Test For White Ginseng % Purity?

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    Can anyone test for or give reference for lab testing white ginseng % purity?
    I can send sample by mail. Thanks, morrobay
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    jim mcnamara

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    A similar problem:
    The selling of fish for food has problems with proper species identification. Sellers are incentivized by the fact that they can get better prices for pieces of fish (identifying anatomical features no longer present) that would look the same to to customer.
    The best current solution is to use some kind of simple DNA analysis to determine the species. Much fraud has been found.

    If it is species identification you are after in a processed food product where the DNA is still intact, this approach should work.
    Once the DNA info is established and the tests are set up they may be easier and cheaper than a chemical analysis of other components.
    Mixing with a different species should also be detectable.
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    jim mcnamara

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    For me. Ginseng tastes nice but it doesn't do anything special.
    Caraway and other seeds taste nice too.
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    In some countries the Ginseng industry is so important there are quite strict quality control systems and government accreditation systems backed up by law, you can check out the legitimate ones. A lot of the producer countries are also the major markets and they take a very dim view of adulteration. Generally this is probably one of the least likely supplements to be sold fraudulently, but then this can happen with any drug or supplement. I suspect exposure of a company selling Ginseng fraudulently would destroy the company and lead to criminal charges in many countries of the world in which they might usually avoid being held responsible. You can also order the dried root which is easy to recognize and has a distinctive taste.
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    I did try it a long time ago and it tasted like a mild form of ginger, otherwise nothing to get excited about.
    I also in my youth tried nutmeg in enough quantity which is not illegal and definitely does interesting things.
    I don't have the inclination to get spaced out for two days lately though.
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