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Landis crank shaft grinding machine

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    :cry: is there anybody know about the landis crankshaft machine! I got a knotty problem! Please help!
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    We got a very knotty problem recently. Machine model is LT2X1400. An unobvious line apear on the surface of crankshaft(M3400). It can not be observed unless use abrasive paper to rub the facade. The line is helical and about 1/3 of width from LH side wall.(head of shaft is at left hand side.)  The programs have alway been not changed.
    We have tried many methods to solve this problem,but there was no reaction. Do you have some suggestions?
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    Cinetic Landis LT2-1400
    A symptom like that is probably due to progressive wear of some machine component.
    The quickest way to resolve the matter is to contact Cinetic directly for advice.
    They have almost certainly encountered the problem before.
    If they have not seen it before, they should be very interested in identifying the cause.
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    Thank you!
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