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Laptop with good processor speed (2GHz and above)

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    Am going to be purchasing a laptop this month. Am specifically looking for a laptop with good processor speed (2GHz and above). I am not going to be loading Windows on it, but Linux Ubuntu. Thus, I don't want all those laptops that come pre-loaded with Windows. Price-range is around $400 - $600. Am not looking for something extraordinary. Please add your recommendations.
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    Re: Laptop

    Just buy some laptop with more processor speed (as per your options more than 2 GHz).
    Buy the latest one that is available in the shop..that is enough for your case..Also you use Linux, which is easy and good for any laptop with standard configuration. Only gaming need extraordinarys..After buying you can easily format (if it is loaded already with Windows)..and install your Linux (suse, or ubuntu, etc)..For Linux there is nothing to care..any thing standard and somewhat relatively new is enough.
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    Re: Laptop

    Being as you don't want windows, you will want to try and find a laptop that doesn't have it installed to save you a little money. You may also want to look to see what laptops have the best driver support under linux. Do you just want this for web and word processing? What do you want to do with it?
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    Re: Laptop

    I'm going to be debugging, dealing with buffer over flows... (Don't know what else I will have to learn. This is all I know as of now.) using C and Perl scripts.
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    Re: Laptop

    Well just for those purposes, you won't really need the cutting edge. You should be able to look at last years models and get along just fine.
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    Re: Laptop

    Yeah. I'm not looking at anything high-tech in the first place. Most of them are out of my budget. I just wanted to know if anyone has had any experiences with this and could recommend a specific model.
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    Re: Laptop

    AS for you give the information ,ipersonally ,i can recommand DELL AND LENOVO laptop for you .

    Not only both have reasonable price ,but also have good service after selling .

    http://www.wholesaler3000.com/Wholesale-dell-laptops_c775 [Broken]

    http://www.wholesaler3000.com/Wholesale-lenovo-laptops_c809 [Broken]
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