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Large bodies of mass and their effects on apparent time

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    I'd like to expand on the example Dweirdo set in his thread and ask a few different questions. I didn't want to hijack his thread as I thought it would keep info more organised if I seperated the discussion.

    So, lets take the example that we have a black hole and two observers, one (A) far out safe from any gravitational forces, the other (B) trapped in the black holes gravity being pulled into it. At what kind of rate would time appear to slow down for observer B, when compared to observer A's watch? Starting from the point which it entered the gravitational field, all the way through it's journey into the center of the black hole? Would the experience from observer B's frame of reference make observer A appear to be in a state of constant acceleration and would that be representative to the rate at which further time dialation is occuring?
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    Looks interesting, I'll check it out, thanks...
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