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Leading models for building realistic SM from Strings.

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    I know that answers to the following can sometimes be subjective and biased... but still...

    What are the most 'promising' models in string theory, judged by the potential realization of a realistic SS standard model?

    Also, in particular, how do Intersecting Brane Models (since their revival) compare to the good old Heterotic String Models, judged by the same above criterion?
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    Thanks for the links... more so for the first (Schwarz's) link.
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    The really hot topic in string phenomenology are F-theory GUT's.

    You can read an introduction here: http://arxiv.org/pdf/0809.3878v1 and here: http://arxiv.org/abs/0809.3452

    That articles contain references to the relevant papers.

    They are very impressive because they propose a model which actually has an MSSM without exótica that moreover unifies into an SU(5). They even have testable predictions of the model, ones for the LHC and another ones in cosmology, concerning what the FERMI could see (or better, not see).

    Of course it is just one model (with certain flexibility) and if proved false it wouldn't invalidate all of string theory. Also it needs some further work to clarify it's consistency about how much the local to global of the compactification step is made.
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    Thanks! Will read the reviews.
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