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  1. Hello all.
    I don't have much time.. I'm studying applied maths and I've got a mandatory course of physics. I find it the hardest of all courses. Despite the fact that physics exercises are based heavily on math, I hardly succeed in solving it.

    What I seek to develop is, specifically, an ability to solve physics exercises, focused chiefly on equations, in the field of mechanics. After I build the skill in solving mechanics exercises, I'll probably be able to adapt to other fields. If you could recommend me any web-sites or books for a physics beginner, I'd appreciate it.
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  3. Doc Al

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    What level are you talking about? First year undergrad?
  4. Well, I am a first year undergrad, but I don't possess the required knowledge that one should. I thought maybe I should begin at late high school level, but I'm not sure. Just throw at me whatever you have.
  5. Doc Al

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