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Relativity Learning Einstein's General Relativity

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    So, I'm going to learn general relativity but I'm confused in which book I start with
    Bernard Schutz book seems excellent but I'm more interested in d'Inverno book,
    And Misner/Throne Book Seems complete but its giant and good for reference, So
    I think I will go with d'Inverno , but first I need to know about your opnion on Schutz books and If it best than d'Inverno book??
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    Have you tried a forum search? There have been LOTS of threads here on the best books for GR. A good place to start is the list of links at the bottom of this page.
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    I suggest B. Crowell's free GR book


    Schutz is a better introductory text than d'Inverno. I'd also look at the books by Hartle and Cheng.
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    Go for Hartle instead of D'Inverno or Schutz. Hartle is the best introductory book there is in my opinion.
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    Wrichik Basu

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    What about Einstein's own paper: "Relativity: The General and the Special Theory"?

    Ohh, you are a beginner. Then don't go for it. You'll lose focus and think it very tough if you start with the research paper at the first go.
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    George Jones

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    Hartle and others (including Rai Weiss) were also at that AAPT conference "TEACHING GENERAL RELATIVITY TO UNDERGRADUATES"

    It was held in 2006 at Syracuse University, when I was finishing up there.
    I contributed a poster to it.
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