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Learning electical engineering combined with physics

  1. Mar 21, 2016 #1
    i am considering learning in the university(technion) for something related to science, i am trying to decide between electrical engineering and materials engineering. also in the field of electrical engineering i saw that there is several routes on the subject in the university i want to learn, one of them is electrical engineering and physics(a degree in both subjects).
    i am interested in learning physics but since the studying in that university is already hard(from what i heard) i want to know more about electrical engineering combined with physics, especialy what kind of jobs can the additional physics degree open for me and if it can leads to a job in research.
    i don't want to make it harder for me if it won't pay off in terms of jobs.
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    EE is close enough to physics anyway that you can shift in the future (it offers sufficient mathematical background). I would advise you to just go for the EE degree if you are on the fence between an industry job and a research career.
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