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An officer-elect refers to a person who has been elected to a position but has not yet been installed. For example, a president who has been elected but not yet installed would be referred to as a president-elect (e.g. President-elect of the United States).
Analogously, the term -designate (e.g. prime minister-designate) is used for the same purpose.

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  1. engnrshyckh

    Object detector using ultrasonic sensor with 555 timer

    See the attached figure. I used 220uF with buzzer and also tried 10uF capacitor but buzzer isn't loud enough. I don't have any 3.3pf capacitor. I used 1.1 pF instead. I also tried changing the resistance of potentiometer but still buzzer isn't sound loud enough.
  2. Jason-Li

    Comp Sci Laplace Transform of the input portion of this circuit

    So I have completed (a) as this (original on the left): I have then went onto (b) and I have equated T(s)=Z(s) as follows: and due to hence Does this look correct to you smarter people? Thanks in advance! All replies are welcome :)
  3. IonizingJai

    Nodal Analysis Problem help (Double Supermesh)

    That is, for Supernode -1,3 (12V branch) , we do Nodal Analysis and we have (V2-V3)/2 , over the 2 ohm branch. But this current is not included in the Equation 1 in the solution I have attached(Which is my only source to cross check answers/solution right now.) Is the solution wrong? Thanks...
  4. Eucliwood

    Resistor Network analysis

    Problem Statement: Finding the resistance when probed at point bc, cd and da Relevant Equations: Series and Parallel resistance equation derived from kirchhoff's law with application of ohm's law I genuinely don't know what to do on this one. The example our professor made isn't exactly clear...
  5. T

    Using a generator to charge 2 batteries

    My project is to create a circuit for a stroller that can store the mechanical work into electrical while moving around and with the push of a switch, use the electrically stored energy to assist the movement of the stroller. I’ve tried capacitors but it ended up not being enough voltage and I...
  6. Jason-Li

    Transmission Line Coefficients

    Homework Statement Figure shows a 50 Hz, high-voltage, transmission line. The relationships between the sending and receiving end voltages and currents are given by the complex ABCD equations: where 'S' stands for sending-end and 'R' stands for receiving-end (a) Given the parameter values...
  7. Muhammad Usman

    What is the Significance of the Electric field in a closed circuit

    Hi, I am confused about the electric field lines which are depicted mostly on the Internet as per conventional way. What I understand that the conventional current was due to positive charges which was wrong. Actual flow of the current was due to the negative charges or electrons. When the...
  8. S

    How does an Electric Bell use the Motor Effect?

    I need help in explaining how electric bell uses motor effect.