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Learning Simulink(Matlab) would help me build systems

  1. Oct 19, 2006 #1
    I am an electrical engineering student & currently taking some system & signals courses... I was wondering if learning Simulink(Matlab) would help me build systems to process & control signals... maybe applying what am studying on simulink!...
    And if so... can u please recommend a book or some pdfs that i can read to get started ??...

    Thanks alot
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    I've found simuling extremely useful for modeling control systems. Along with the controls toolbox, analysis of systems becomes a breeze.

    Simulink, like all MATLAB toolboxes, has an excellent built-in help function. I'd recommend looking at that if you need to learn how to do something. If you still don't know how to do something from there, ask in the forums. The people on the mathworks forums are very friendly and helpful.

    Hope that helps.
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