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LeBron James' Verizon science experiment

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    In the current Verizon ad featuring LeBron James in a physics lab, there is an instrument displayed prominently in front of each student. What is it?
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    This one?
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    Some kind of a torsional pendulum. Unless you mean something else.
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    Thanks. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the instrument. Much appreciated.
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    I don't think so.

    The student has his book open to: Page 288 Chapter 10 Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity
    After some googling, I found the book: Physics, By John D. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Johnson

    I believe they are studying section 10.2

    The model consists of a small ball attached to the top of a rotating turntable. The ball is
    moving in uniform circular motion...on a path known as the reference circle.


    Figures 10.7 & 10.8 show visually what they are studying.

    So it's just a spinning thing.
    I'm afraid I don't know any fancy names for something that spins, that isn't shaped like a table.
    Actually, there are some tables shaped like that. (Google: very long dining tables)
    I'm going to say it's a "turntable".
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