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Left passenger rim gets really hot

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    I've noticed on my 2004 Honda Accord that my back left rim gets unusually hot (hard to touch and can feel the radiation) and there is some smell of burning rubber. Any ideas?
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    Drum brake maybe dragging? When was the last time the brakes were serviced?
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    Jack up the rear, check if the brakes are stuck on. Check the tyre for anything unusual too.

    Is there a noticeable noise?
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    park brake not releasing due to rusted cable?
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    As the other have said, my first thought is the brake system. I would not, however, rule out the possibility of a bad wheel bearing or U-joint.
    Is there any unusual sound in your car? The smell of burning rubber, along with the heat, could indicate that your tire is rubbing on something.
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    hot rear wheel

    there is a finite number of possibilities
    car body rubbing on tire may cause rubber smell but not likely

    running brake shoes or pads down to metal will do this but you would have heard the brake noise way before it welded in...hopefully...that is why disc brakes have wear tabs..

    all rear wheels have wheel bearings which have a rubber bearing seal..should road salt or acid rain eat into t he seal and the bearing rusts we have friction,,easy to check
    stuck parking brake or brake actuating cable may be rusted to the extent it freezes in the position where it will not properly release.
    same may happen with rear disc brake pads if piston sticks in actuated position because the rubber brake hose is pinched closed..not likely as both rear caliper pistons would be effected..but..each rear caliber has steel brake lines that plumb to each caliber from the Tee fitting that the brake hose is connected to,,,.you may have a pinched brake line caused by running over some road hazard, thus locking a caliper piston in the actuated position
    same can occur with brake shoe piston on non disc brake systems.
    in all cases - heat is not a good sign and points to a friction condition. Some thing is causing this and inspection is in order..if car is rear wheel drive,,same as above can occur..if rear differential fluid is too low or not present you will hear major gear noise and bearing whine..

    hope this helped
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