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Legal music file sharing program.

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    Is their a legitimate music p2p service that charges its customers a monthly fee for downloading unlimited songs instead of paying 99 cents for one song? Because I listen to a lot of music and 99 cents a song is just to expensive for a college student like me. I ask if there are legitimate p2p programs because my college IT department unfortunately detects music downloaded illegally.
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    It's "unfortunate" that you have to obey the law?
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    Arent there a ton of places where you can pay one flat fee to download unlimited music? I think they only charge if you put it on a portable device, I cant remember the exact details though.
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    yes , its very unfortunate that the music industry will not meet the demands of its customers by selling music at a lower price and millions and millions of people are forced to download music illegally.

    in addition, the RIAA tries to stamp out international third parties who offer music to its customers at lower prices.
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    I think Napster offers that kind of service, monthly subscription.
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    Sorry, but that's one of the most ridiculous remarks I've ever heard.

    "I couldn't afford to buy the car, so I was forced to steal it". :rolleyes:
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    It would be more like "I couldn't afford to buy the car, so I was forced to make a copy the car from someone else who had bought the car".
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    s 99cents, 99% of the time, the same price of a single on a CD.

    Well, when you used the DVR and/or radio to record music and movies, technically you are violating copyright infringement laws if you invite the whole neighborhood to watch the same movie and/or listen to recorded music you made for yourself. cars are priced at affordable prices for everybody. Music is not. Music is no longer transfer on a CD, and there it should be less expensive to produced nowadays and they are instantly available to consumers, so there should be no distribution fees:. you also have international music vendors that offer its services at a much cheaper fee to its customers than US music distribution vendors, but they are not allow to offer their services to US customers. Last time I check, our economy is a free market economy. technically, I did not violate any law. People who upload music are the ones who truly violate are copy right laws. If someone were having a yard sale and giving away their CD's to people in their neighborhood, that would be similar to downloading music from a person who wants to share it.

    Be reasonable, if music is easily attainable, would you still go buy $300 for 300 singles if you had light bills and house bills to pay? Once they drop music prices to 2 cents per single or offer an affordable rate to people to download unlimited music , similar to XM radio only containing a music libray, then people will stopped downloading music illegally
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    It isn't really a loss of revenue for the music industry either. If they are too expensive to buy, one wouldn't have bought it anyways. At least the artists gets more exposure for their material.
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    sorry for the triple post!
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    Benzoate, have you heard of a radio? It's free music.

    You don't need to download music.
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    Rhapsody is a music-subscription service that comes to mind. I believe it has a flat monthly rate for all the music you care to download.

    - Warren
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    Most of the music they play on the radio is crap! where have you been? There are so many things wrong with radio. There are too many commercials , they never play the songs I want in order, and most of the songs want to hear are barely heard on radio.

    Tell me one positive affect radio brings to people besides it being free to the public and static?
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    I listen to an alternative radio station that plays bands you won't normally hear on other stations. I can't stand popular, rap, hip hop, or whatever they call that junk that's so popular these days.

    What kind of music do you listen to?
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    Well I like all kinds of music. I listen to ambient music(enigma), movie classical background music(i.e. John williams and danny elfman) classic rock (led zeppelin, the cure) old school rap(grandmaster flash and the fab five) soft rock(billy joel) all of the silent hill soundtracks, from the silent hill video game,metal gear solid soundtrack, norah jones , grunge, and of course weird al yankovic parody music.

    all you hear on radio stations these days are pop , new hip hop, new rock and diluted oldies!

    what kinds of music do you listen to?
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    What about a satellite radio unit that you can use in your car and that is also complatible indoors?
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    Some people take that a step further. Even people that are PF Mentors. :-)

    correction - Even PF admin. :-)
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    I feel somewhat qualified to discuss this since I own a recording studio and a label. A reasonable cost for recording and distributing a pop album is between 500 thousand and one million dollars, or more depending on how you market it. Typical expenses are:

    Paying artist advances. Paying for studio time, engineers, mixing and mastering. Creating websites, acquiring songs, paying radio specialists, publicists, advertising, distribution, licensing, video, and a host of other things.

    When and IF you are able to bring it to market, you have to split the sales a number of ways -- the artist gets a cut, the studio, the distributor, the publisher, the songwriters, the retailer, etc.

    At 2 cents a song you would have to sell 50,000,000 copies just to cover costs, but of course that would leave nothing to pay any of the entities above for their contribution.

    Your attitude is just a rationalization for stealing.
  21. Sep 18, 2007 #20
    Here's what I do for free music. I use iTunes. What I do is I take a simple little USB stick, stick it into a friends computer, copy some of his music files onto it, and put it into my library files on my computer. Voila! Just copy music from your friends who payed for them!
  22. Oct 14, 2007 #21

    You can setup a station and listen for free (they only charge you if you want to skip a certain amount of songs per hour) You can set up a station (or multiple stations) and listen to music that they recommend based on your original choice

    Say you like Pearl Jam you create a station for Pearl Jam on your account and they find songs on their database that have characteristics in common with Pearl Jam and their songs. You can also tell them whether you like a song or not, so that your building somewhat of an Expert System database of your kind of music. Each time you listen and rate songs it becomes more intelligent and gives you better results. I have been using it for almost 2 months and found it nearly flawless (i did get Tears for Fears songs in a Tool station....not sure how that happened but i corrected it haha :rofl:)
  23. Oct 30, 2007 #22
    the only way you get to choose your music on the radio is with sattelite radio...and even that has a monthly fee!
  24. Dec 22, 2007 #23
    Umm...... answers abound!Look about and you shall find them
    -Internet radio, lots of choices for all tastes
    -Services like Rhapsody and Napster, although I believe at least one of the two removes all the songs you have when your subscription ends
    -LimeWire, while technically frowned upon, seriously these artists are making huge amounts and the ones that actually need the money prolly don't have their songs recorded.
    -and last but not least...Dead musicians!!!Yay!! Lets see, theres Stevie Ray, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and many more!
    (Note: Dead musicians part was for comedic effect)
  25. Dec 28, 2007 #24
    meh IP is an antiquated concept
  26. Dec 28, 2007 #25
    IP as in Internet Protocol?
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