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Legion: Awful Movie

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    God I just saw Legion on Encore and holy hell. This movie was made of stupid. It was then wrapped in stupid, covered in a stupid sauce, and then deep-friend in a vat of stupid. Was this movie even meant to be serious? The movie cost about $26M to make, which could have been far better spent killing all the actors who dared to sign on for this crapfest and a long, nasty torturing of the director.

    I remember wanting to go see this movie when it came out... and I'm pretty sure I would have burnt down the movie theater if I had actually paid to watch it.
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    Now that you are done venting, you are done venting, right ? This post has me in stitches, it's over the top, whereas Jimmy's humor can be subtle. You both achieve your goal, humor, by different means. hehe... What a cast of characters we have here... What didn't you like about it, specifically ?

    Rhody... :devil:
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    So you're saying it's worth watching then?
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    Ooh, I've got to see this movie.
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    That's the most positive review of it I've read so far.
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    So, other than that, what did you think of it?
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    I'm all for a good mindless action movie, but at some point it almost becomes like an insult. There was no character development, even for an action movie. You almost know that you're going to be watching a stupid movie when the main character, 2 minutes into the movie, is breaking into a random warehouse in chinatown and opening a door to find a 40 foot long hallway packed to the brim with automatic rifles and machine guns.

    When the main character, this angel named Michael, meets every other character in the movie, he's pretty much like "ok hello everyone. Here is a bag full of assault rifles, everyone up to the roof of the one building" and they all do as told. They perch themselves up on top of the roof, all with their weapons, and I'm pretty much assuming I'm now watching a video gamer's wet dream. Then who comes down the road? The ice cream man. Well they blow him to smithereens. Then more of the same for the rest of the 100 minutes with mindless yet almost boring action with some 8th grader philosophy about God losing faith in man kind.

    Oh and by the way, apparently the story is about God losing faith in mankind so how does he destroy the world? He sends an angel to kill a random baby yet to be born by some random woman in the Mojave desert. And what is the only way to save mankind? Kill anyone who tries to get close to her. Gawd.

    I thought it was a fantastic movie. 2 flippers up.
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    Wow, that sounds like an awful movie. I've got to see the movie now. Maybe it's so bad that it's good.
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    That's the one where in the trailer some old woman climbs the wall? The not-so-innocent old lady cliche. That alone made me not want to see the movie.
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    Two flippers up!! LOL!!
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    Biggest thing to me was that there was a lot of presumptions that had to be made. The story was very ad hoc, however, I feel that it did end OK (aside from the fact that it was over). It felt more like a Syfy channel movie than a blockbuster.
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