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Lie groups & Lie Algebras in Nuclear & Particle Physics

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    I'm a student of Nuclear Engineering (MS level) at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I completed my Honours and Master Degree with Mathematics. I have chosen to complete a thesis paper on "Application of Lie groups & Lie Algebras in Nuclear & Particle Physics."

    I need some guideline about my thesis work from experienced guys like you. Please suggest me about this title. How can I adorn my paper with useful material? Which topics should I describe or include in my paper. Please, whoever knows a little or more about my title, leave your valuable comment or suggestion.

    Thanks in advance,
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    You should read "Lie Algebras in Particle Physics" by H. Georgi. In my opinion is one of the best books on group theory for physicist.
    However, one of the most famous application of Lie groups in physics is represented by Yang-Mills theory. You should definitely take a look at something on that.
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