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Limiting the effects of a pivot point? Homemade project

  1. Apr 5, 2015 #1
    After a wrist injury I had to stop lifting weights. This was annoying so I decided to make an arm brace that would transfer the weight of a dumbbell through my forearm rather than through my hand and wrist (with the help from my local metal works). I've now got the brace and its perfect, aside from one flaw. One point on the brace acts as a pivot point concentrating the pressure in one area of my forearm. This makes lifting dumbbells very painful!

    I've uploaded pictures detailing the issue with the help of some annotations and very sophisticated arrows (lol).

    I was wondering if any of you guys would be able to throw a couple tips my way that might help me get past this point? Thanks a lot for any help, its very appreciated. I'll be online all of this evening to reply and work through any suggestions you have.

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    Why don't you put the dumbbell above the center of the metal construction?
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    Ouch! That even looks painful. I take it the idea is to transfer the weight from your wrist to your forearm. That’s a good idea but as you say, with that apparatus the weight is transferred to one (painful) point.
    Have you considered using these Hauling Hooks? They work pretty well for reducing strain on your grip and if attached high enough on your forearm, should take some strain off your wrist.
    You may want to use them together with an arm sleeve as well.


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