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Linear algebra by Friedberg or Hoffman and Kunez?

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    I need the most rigourous text on linear algebra and I've been advised to buy one of these but I don't know the differences and which is the best one (I think the one that covers more topics and is more rigorous would be the one) but if you think there is a more rigourous book on linear algebra please let me know.
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    Hoffman/Kunze, Friedberg, and Lang's Linear Algebra are usually considered to be the best on the subject. I've read through all of Hoffman/Kunze and Friedberg, and found both of them fine. I would go with Hoffman, but it is favoured by only small margin.
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    I would prefer Hoffman/Kunze but I'm prejudiced- I had Kunze as my teacher for Linear Algebra.
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    Thanks for the comments guys and FYI I've ordered linear algebra by friendberg.
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    Hehe, the question is "A or B?", two people respond with B, and you go for A :)

    Thre is no such thing as "the most rigorous book" in any subject. Advanced Linear Algebra by Steven Roman certainly qualifies as rigorous, but is more advanced (not introductory). All the mentioned books are good (Axler is another example).
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    the friedberg book is my favourite linear algebra book, it has more content than any other linear algebra book that I've seen (except for the advanced linear algebra stuff), and it's fully rigorous.
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