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Homework Help: Linear & switching mode power regulators and Passive harmonics filter

  1. Nov 11, 2013 #1
    Electrical Engineering problems!!!

    Linear & switching mode power regulators:

    1. What is the major weakness of a Buck Regulator that compared with a Linear Regulator?

    Is't efficiency?

    Passive harmonics filter:

    1. If the filter reactance for harmonics is a negative value, what is the meaning behind that?

    Relation to direction?

    2. Passive filter can provide certain capacitive compensation to the ac traction power system. However, when there is off-peak hour, very few trains running in the system. Any problem will introduced by the filter?

    Energy saving?

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    rude man

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    No. Quite the opposite.

    The rest I don't understand.
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    I don't understand too.:cry:
    Anyone who can help me?:frown:
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