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Linking a HP50g to a Windows 8 machine

  1. Feb 26, 2013 #1
    So I just grabbed myself a 50g, after taking to the pressure of using TI-84s for years here in the US. Loving the feature set and RPN mode, but I can't figure out how to connect this to my laptop running Win 8.

    Conn4x doesn't seem to see it, and Windows tells me that it can find a USB driver, which error's out whenever I try to run it. The USB Driver included on the calculator's CD doesn't seem to run either, always returns "NO permission for driver install". I'm an admin...
    Dug into the CD and ran UsbVt.exe and Usb9x.exe directly, using the troubleshoot compatibility options for WinXP and gave them admin priveleges. UsbVt reports "NO permission for driver install" again, Usb9x seems to work...Doesn't show up in Conn4x still...and Windows doesn't recognize what Usb9x seems to install. Blaaah...

    I realized lately that I can just use an SD card, and ferry programs around using that as a vessel. Still, not being able to directly manage it from a comp makes me antsy...anyone else have a solution?
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