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Liquid CO2 rivers, lakes or oceans

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    Lets say you have planet with 2 Earth radii and 8 Earth masses. The atmosphere is 50 bar and is made up of 85% nitrogen, 10% hydrogen 3% argon, 1% CO2 and 1% other gases. The planets average temperature is 280 K/44 F.

    Since CO2 is a liquid at this pressure and temperature would it form rivers, lake or oceans of liquid CO2 mixed with liquid water or will it stay in a gaseous form because of its lower abundance of other gases and the overall density of the atmosphere?
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    At 50 bar and 1% of CO2 partial pressure of carbon dioxide is just 0.5 bar (0.5 atm).
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    OK, Borek. This means that the partial pressure of CO2 is too low, and no liquid CO2 exists.
    Correct ?
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    Oh ok thanks I did not know that
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