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Literature on Black Hole Pair Production (?)

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    Does anyone could indicate what is the best literature to learn about black hole pair production? Any textbook explaining the instanton derivation in detail for the case of black holes?

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    What level are you looking for? Do you know quantum field theory?
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    Graduate level is fine. I have already learned QFT and GR. I'm reading the early papers like Garfinkle, Dowker and Hawking, but I would be happy to find a more detailed, or maybe more pedagogical, description. Rajaraman's "Solitons and Instantons" does not seem to have any black hole pair production example (although I may have overlooked it, in which case I apologise...). Is there any book which describes in length the whole approach?
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    Yes. The book that most people learn from (I think) is by Birrell and Davies, called "Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime" or something. It should go in to some detail about the calculation.
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