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Locality and non-locality in period measurement

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    consider the Doppler shift formula
    f=f'gamma(1+betacostheta). (1)
    the measurements of f and f' are associated with the measurement of time intervals, during which, depending on the scenario we follow, beta and theta could change. authors say that using (1) we make the "locality" assmption in the period measurement. others make the non-locality assumption, taking into account the changes which could occure. non-locality is favoured by high relative velocities and high periods involved in the Doppler effect expriment. inserting and removing a shutter in the way of light rays we can generate light signals transmitted at mechanical frequencies. what about (1) under such conditions? I have my own oppinion, but i want to know other ones, from people interested in the field.
    sine ira et studio
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    locality and nonlocality

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