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Locked pending moderation

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    "locked pending moderation"

    What exactly does "pending moderation" mean?
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    Math Is Hard

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    Re: "locked pending moderation"

    It means moderators are reviewing the thread and deciding on a course of action (lock, prune, etc)
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    Re: "locked pending moderation"

    Thank you. What are the options: permanent locking, pruning and restoring, restoring unchanged, anything else? Is an explanation ever posted re the specific reason, such as wandering off topic, or other violations of PF rules? If the thread is restored, pruned or not, does it go to the top of list or into the place it originally held in the order?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: "locked pending moderation"

    Those are the options. The place order is not held. I assume you are speaking about an Earth forum topic. News about it should be released shortly.
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    Re: "locked pending moderation"

    We mods have discussed this internally. Some of us (me) have been in the habit of just leaving them if we decide to leave them locked, but it has been suggested that it would be better to edit the post after a decision has been made so people realize it has been made.
    I'm pretty sure it stays in the order of the time of the last post (post, not edit).
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    Re: "locked pending moderation"

    Unless the last post is deleted, in which case the thread's position drops to correspond to the most recent undeleted post.
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