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Studying Looking for a book on hard studying

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    when i started learning in the faculty i thought that if i would solve every housework
    every class work understanding the laws explained in the lecture.
    then i would get a high grade.

    but it was not the case.
    many times i heard in the end of the course sometimes by the professor himself
    that the faculty asked him to "raise " the level of the course.

    it was done by tough checking the tests .or making tough questions in the test
    that was mentioned very little in the lectures the self and was not mentioned in the home exercises at all.

    so when i tried as hard as i could to succeed in those courses i could get only pass plus minus grades.

    and i went to all the reception hours and i solved the questions in prior exams
    additionally to solving the course formal exercises.

    because my profs were instructed to give low grade average in those courses.
    very few people got high grades.

    i want to be one of those few to get high grades.

    is there any books regarding study philosophy
    how to study correctly, not a list of tips
    but a book that teaches you how to study correctly in such a tough competitive degree.
    when the faculty want to kick out as much students as possible

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    If you're looking for a book specifically for math and science degrees or courses I don't think I've ever seen one. For general studying and time management, try Cal Newport's "Straight A Method". He also has a blog called 'Study Hacks' if you google it. It personally solved my GPA problems and now I have one of the highest averages in my year but it is not a very hand-holdy book (like "Study at X time" or "Break problem sets into 10 parts" or anything) but it does provide a good philosophy and strategies to organize your studying to be efficient.
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    "Study at X time" and "Break problem sets into 10 parts" are also published book ?

    what are their author
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    They are not books. MissSilvy is just pointing out that the book recommended is more of a philosophy than a cookbook. That is to say, effective studying is not formulaic.

    In any case, the route to good grades is different for everyone.
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    i cant find this straight A book on the web
    is there some where where i could download it
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    No. Almost all of his content is written in bits and pieces on his blog but if you want the book, I'm afraid you're going to have to buy it, sheesh.
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    any other sources
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    You should look at everything you do that relates to study, however obliquely, and ask how it might be improved. For instance, you are abrupt in your forum postings, and are lax in using proper sentences, full stops and capitals. This looks bad to other forum users. Improve these things and you are more likely to get good answers, and to improve your writing skills. Develop good habits here, and they will percolate into exams essays and the way you interact with faculty.

    To directly answer your question, try reading some books about developing study skills. I have read quite a few in my time; it was always time well spent. 'Make the Most of Your Mind' by Tony Buzan might be a good one for you to start with.
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