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Looking for a good books on Chemistry

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    I want to refresh my skool-achieved knowledge about Chemistry, and then I want to move in direction of Chemistry of Computer Systems, Chemistry of Brain, Chemistry of Neurons, Chemistry of DNA, etc. Any good advises about literature?
    For now I have this book in digital form - "Introductory Chemistry - An Active Learning Approach" it's looks fun and with a lot of pictures, I liked pictures.

    Thanx for the answers.

    P.S. Posted it right here, since chemicalforums.com has tryin' to block TOR-Net.
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    Any good typically in-use textbook on General Chemistry should be fine. A couple of good authors from the past may be Mortimer, or Petrucci. Visit your local community college book store to see what is current.
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    Well, I am actually thinking the same, but about community college book store - I think mission impossible :). Anyway I will look for a while, and I think I will find the book that will be cool to me, for an example as I have already mentioned in the previous post.

    P.S. Noted that authors.
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