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Looking for a good Combinatorics book.

  1. Nov 16, 2013 #1
    I find myself too weak at this subject. Even spending a lot of time on problems doesn't give good results. I can do the easier problems and sometimes a few intermediate ones but everyone knows that these kind of problems aren't really asked in the exams.

    Anyone got some nice suggestions?
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    Since no one replied yet, here's some titles from Amazon:


    Also somewhere on PF there's a recommended book section that may list some books of interest.

    You could take book titles of interest and search PF or Google to see if anyone has posted an opinion on it.

    Searching on book: A Course in Combinatorics

    I found this Google link:


    so now you could read it and see if it talks to you. Five Amazon reviewers give it a 4.5 star rating so I'd also read their comments.
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    Yes but searching for combinatorics gives nothing. :(

    I knew I was not being clear in my first post. Sorry about that. I have looked at the book you said but that deals with stuff not in my course. I am not sure if Combinatorics is the right word. The practice sheet I am currently going through uses "Permutations and Combinations". I am basically looking for a book which deals with the concepts and techniques related to the problems given in the practice sheet. Here is a pdf of the practice sheet:

    Go to this link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/37965558/Bansal-Classes-Mathematics-Study-Material-for-IIT-JEE

    And head to page 43. It shows a page with title "Permuation and Combinations".
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    Nah, I am not a complete beginner. I am not sure how did you think of Khan Academy after looking at the practice sheet. Were the problems too easy? The difficulty level of Exercise I is less than Exercise II in the sheet I posted but they aren't too easy, beginner level resources won't do me any good.

    Thanks for your time jedishrfu!
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    A Walk Through Combinatorics by Bona is the one we use at my school. It's a very conclusive book. I'd definitely recommend it. https://www.amazon.com/Walk-Through-Combinatorics-Introduction-Enumeration/dp/9814335231/ref=sr_1_1

    This covers a lot of ground. I don't think it's fitting for people who aren't familiar with combinatorics though. Assuming you know the basics and you have a good math background, I'm sure it's exactly what you're looking for. I was very interested in graph theory, and this was very divulging for that. Hope this helps!
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