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Looking for a good Mathematical Physics book answers

  1. Mar 28, 2009 #1
    Does anyone know of a good advanced undergraduate mathematical physics book with answers for self study? I hear good things about the Mary Boas book, but want more opinions. Thanks!
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    First off thanks for posting Malawi Glenn. I am looking for a more "textbook" style emphasizing Fourier methods, Laplace Methods, Bessel functions, and general stuff on differential and integral equations. Other stuff such as boundary value problems, calculus of variations, analytic functions, and linear algebra would be good too. I really like the content of "Mathematics for Classical and Quantum Physics" by Byron and Fuller but there are no answers in the back, so I have no way to check myself. I hope that helps.
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    You might also want to try :

    Arfken & Weber - Mathematical methods for physicists (is one of the best)
    K.F.Riley (et.al.) - Mathematical methods for physics and engineering.
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