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Looking for a good online file sharing site for group project.

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    I have a engineering design project this year that I am going to be doing with a group of 4 other fellow students. I know google has something online where you can load documents and modify them online but it seemed to mess up the formatting quite a bit. I would like something where we can load the files online and each group member can download it and modify it and leave some kind of note as to what was done to it. Does anyone have any excperience using something like this and if so whats the pros and cons.
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    Google docs
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    It's not a high-tech solution, but have you considered emailing the docs? Just put everyone in the group in the "To:" box, and make sure that as people make suggestions, additions, corrections, etc, they hit "Reply all" so that everyone gets updated with the new material. My collaborators and I use this method and it gives us all a time-stamped history of our projects.

    If you want to get fancy, you can each create an email "alias" for mail to and from your group only, and create a project sub-folder and a routing rule so that all of the work gets sent there instead of your general account. In the case of my group, we are scattered about and have widely varying schedules, so the updates don't always come at the same time. I stay up very late, especially during the winter. Another collaborator is in the same time-zone as me, but because he teaches, he has to keep a more regular schedule. A third member is in Finland and does a lot of his work in the evenings (my day-times).
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    You can also set up your own FTP file server using open source filezila for example,

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