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Linear Algebra Looking for a linear algebra book

  1. Sep 12, 2015 #1
    Hello all,
    I am about a week into a quantum mechanics course in which the instructor is mostly going to follow along with Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics. However, my linear algebra is pretty rusty and I have never taken an actual course in linear algebra, I have just learned what I have needed for different classes. Right now I am reviewing the formalism chapter of Griffiths Intro to QM, and working through Sakurai CH1. Can anyone recommend a good linear algebra book which will help me round out my linear algebra knowledge and put me on better footing for this course?
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    I learned a great deal of linear algebra from reading Hassani's book, Mathematical Physics. He uses the Dirac notation consistently and that's nice. Another book that was really helpful is Don Koks' book, Explorations in Mathematical Physics, especially the first chapter. If you would like more of a mathematician's intro, Halmos' book, Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces, is a classic.
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    Very cool, thanks!
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    chapter 1 in sakurai has pretty intense linear algebra, but if you're able to follow with it, then i doubt you would need another resource.

    I found MIT ocw 8.05 lecture notes to be incredibly helpful for qm linear algebra, specially when coupled with libear algebra done right.
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    Hoffman/Kunze's Linear Algebra! The book is very thorough and challenging at the same time.
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    Thank you all so much! I am now wading through these resources, which are helping to shed light on the why and background of what Sakurai is talking about in the first chapter.
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