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Looking for a specific material

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    Hi everybody,

    Not sure how to go about the question, so, will start by the narrowest scope... Basically, I am looking for a material with a melting point from 50 to 100C, cheap in volumes :), non-flammable, non-toxic and natural/recyclable. I was going for some kind of wax but flammability (?)

    I did find a very extensive list of materials melting points but it is "too extensive" and without any other way to filter it, I would have to click one by one and check on their other properties till finding a match... I found a basic intro to this search problem here and then some material charts on melting points.

    So, as a general question, is there some kind of database/chart/smarter way to do this search or is this how people goes about it short of asking a materials expert (I guess that is what I am doing :) )?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question and thank you very much!
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    Not sure if there's an easy way to search, but the first thing that comes to mind that may meet your specifications is agar.
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    I would ask librarians in any college or (better) university library. Quite possible it is an easy search in one of the professional databases they have access to (these are typically behind a paywall, which is why you won't be able to use them easily).
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