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Looking for advice in regard to EE, CS and Physics

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    I'm currently a student at Cal Poly Pomona and lacking any grasp on how I should approach the rest of my undergraduate career. I'm currently majoring in electrical engineering while trying to sneak in a computer science major at the same time. These things aren't really the problem as I've figured out a schedule on how to finish both relatively on time and the two somewhat complement each other anyways giving me unfair advantages in my classes. The problem is that I'm madly passionate about physics and there is no way to complete a degree in physics without adding on an extra year to my undergrad at this institution or putting myself on academic probation. I understand from reading that it's not practical to obtain a degree in physics with those other two majors but I feel as though I can't respect myself unless I do.

    In regards to the other two majors, I can't give up electrical engineering because of the job security associated with it and for my fondness of it but I can give up cs because most of that is self taught anyways but wouldn't make a difference as it would take an extra year to graduate anyways.
    Any suggestions on how I should go about this?
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    How exactly does your mad passion about physics show?
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