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Looking for an app to demonstrate motion via multiple exposure images

I am introducing uniform and accelerated motion in a 6th grade. To demonstrate the difference I would like to use multiple exposure photography (like in the image below) in the classroom.

There are many apps to make serial shoots and other apps to overlay them artfully. I am looking for an App to do both conveniently (automatically) after entering a time interval and hitting the button.

Does anyone have some experience with this?


To create an effect such as the one in the image you presented, you would need more than just the overall time interval as a parameter -- you'd also need to specify which frames to use, or at least supply a subject-matter-dependent high-precision frame-strobe rate:



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Don't the "burst" modes on many smartphone cameras do this? Granted, you can only do this for a short period of time, but for falling objects in a classroom, that should fit the bill.



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So, you're looking for something to create a motion diagram.

I've only used Tracker... but the others might be of interest.


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