What is App: Definition and 132 Discussions

A mobile application, also referred to as a mobile app or simply an app, is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or watch. Apps were originally intended for productivity assistance such as email, calendar, and contact databases, but the public demand for apps caused rapid expansion into other areas such as mobile games, factory automation, GPS and location-based services, order-tracking, and ticket purchases, so that there are now millions of apps available. Apps are generally downloaded from application distribution platforms which are operated by the owner of the mobile operating system, such as the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store. Some apps are free, and others have a price, with the profit being split between the application's creator and the distribution platform. Mobile applications often stand in contrast to desktop applications which are designed to run on desktop computers, and web applications which run in mobile web browsers rather than directly on the mobile device.
In 2009, technology columnist David Pogue stated that smartphones could be nicknamed "app phones" to distinguish them from earlier less-sophisticated smartphones. The term "app", short for "software application", has since become very popular; in 2010, it was listed as "Word of the Year" by the American Dialect Society.

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  1. A

    Good PDF Reading App That Can Bookmark and Annotate?

    I like digital textbooks, and the ones I'm studying now are in PDF format. I really need an app I can use across all my interfaces (windows desktop and laptop, a tablet, and iphone) that I can bookmark and annotate with? I have seen a few readers mentioned online, but it needs to be an app so...
  2. DaveC426913

    What is the advantage of the app?

    On a whim, I installed the PF app. It looks exactly the same. I assume there's maybe some extra security to it, but does it do anything obvious for me?
  3. jedishrfu

    GptZero app to Identify ChatGPT content

  4. D

    My app has a generic Android icon when I download it from Google Play

    Hi everyone I've uploaded an app to Google play with its own icon. This icon shows on my phone when I run the app from Android Studio. However, when I download my app from Google play, is appears on my phone with a generic Android logo instead. Does anyone know why this happens and how to...
  5. A

    App that converts a checklist to a text

    Hi, I am looking for an app that converts a checklist to text. The advantage of this app is to save time in writing professional reports. For example, suppose a professional uses a list of 10 possible variables to examine a case but finds only 4 variables match a pre-set quality criteria. In...
  6. vela

    Phyphox free cell phone app for sensors

    At the Fall SCAAPT meeting, I learned about a free cell phone app, phyphox, which allows users to collect various types of data using their phones' sensors. I downloaded it, but I haven't looked into it very much yet. I just thought I'd mention it since others might find it useful or just fun to...
  7. fresh_42

    Install App on iOS Device from Local Folder

    Given that I have a little personal app, developed on pc, tested (under iOS) and running. How can I get the app on my iOS device? All I have is a folder with a lot of files in it.
  8. Melbourne Guy

    Any suggestions for an open source Windows 10 disk encryption app

    The summary says it all, really, but in addition, I've done a lot of googling and am finding it hard to identify trustworthy options. LibreCrypt, DiskCryptor and VeraCrypt are candidates, but I have not used any of these tools so am wary of jumping in and finding that I have bricked my PC.
  9. shivajikobardan

    MHB Creating a Todo App with Django: A Beginner's Guide

    I need to make an application that uses database in python, what should I make? Firstly I need to tell about me. I know 0 about programming. I have learned basics of python only. What are the apps that use database that are upto my level of programming? I am planning to use django...
  10. A

    MHB Want to use probability algorithm for my web app

    I'm a freelance web developer and right now I'm stuck into a mathematical(probability) issue where I'm developing an answer filtering tool. This tool works as follows: 1) There are six questions that the user will be asked 2) Based on the answer of first question, my server will decide which...
  11. MathematicalPhysicist

    Inserting a subscript in the text in the following diagrams app.

    I want to inset the following text ##f_{2,G_2}##, but it seems I cannot include a subscript to ##G## in the following app: https://app.diagrams.net am I missing something? can it be done? Thanks!
  12. ergospherical

    Cross-platform app development

    Has anybody used Ionic and/or Flutter for hybrid iOS & android app development? And if so, how versatile are they? I’m wondering whether to stick to iOS only or whether to try my hand at one of those (because I have no experience with android).
  13. Wrichik Basu

    Searching & Displaying Items in Android App Using Java & SQL

    This is actually for my new Android app. But everything is written in Java and SQL; there is almost nothing that is specific to Android. I have a database, and the following three tables are of interest here: itemEntity with columns: itemID: integer primary key itemName: String; indexed to be...
  14. O

    Force an app to use the selfie camera?

    I have a pixel 3xl. The normal camera broke this weekend, but the selfie camera still works. I have an app that I need to scan a qr code once a day for work that only attempts to use the now broken camera. If I could get it to use the selfie camera getting it to line up would be a little...
  15. sa1988

    Pure Physicist - A physics simulator app

    There are plenty of physics apps around already but most seem to just be words and pictures. I haven't found many that offer good simulators for proper textbook physics. So I made one. Pure Physicist - Google Play The underlying physics 'engine' uses the as yet incomplete University Physics...
  16. .Scott

    COVID A Health check App sensitive to asymptomatic COVID may be in the works

    https://www.embs.org/ojemb/articles/covid-19-artificial-intelligence-diagnosis-using-only-cough-recordings/ A study has been posted in Engineering in Medicine and Biology (article) that describes the methods and results from an MIT algorithm as applied to asymptomatic COVID-19. Per the...
  17. T

    MHB Equation Solver App | Free Math Software | Gilles Vanderveken

    Hi, Visit my new website where you can try out my math software for free and leave a comment: https://gillesvanderveken.wixsite.com/t ... ion-solver Enter the commands 1b, 2b, ... , 20b for demo's. Once you see how it works, enter the commands 1, 2, ..., 20 using your own input. Regards...
  18. karush

    MHB Finding the Right Tablet Keyboard: Swift Key App for Chromebooks

    currently using clip stack but its awkward have the enter pin code at every entry and the navigation sucks using it with Chromebook any happy options out there:censored: for tablets the "swift key" app is your cowboy
  19. nomadreid

    Instagram app: first two icons, uninstalled, one remains

    Original post: On my Android phone desktop I had my Instagram app... and for some reason there were two icons (both worked). I uninstalled the app (in Manage apps in Settings), and one of the icons disappeared, but the other one is still there and working... but it does not not now show up in...
  20. Boltzman Oscillation

    Guidance with app development to receive signal

    I was assigned a project where I need to have a heat sensor send a signal to my phone and cause it to sound an alarm. If my phone is an android what is a good app programming tool for this project, I’ve never done app programming. Would I be able to send a signal from the sensor to the phone...
  21. Steven Ellet

    Looking for a website or app with live chat rooms related to electricity

    I am looking for a website or app with live chat rooms related to electricity.
  22. O

    Looking for an app to demonstrate motion via multiple exposure images

    I am introducing uniform and accelerated motion in a 6th grade. To demonstrate the difference I would like to use multiple exposure photography (like in the image below) in the classroom. There are many apps to make serial shoots and other apps to overlay them artfully. I am looking for an App...
  23. A

    Online app which plots F(z) in the complex plane

    I am looking for an app that can instantaneously plot the function f(z) in the complex plane once z is given. It would be much favorable if this process is fast which allows one to visualize f(z) when the user is moving the mouse on the complex plane to the location of z. One possible...
  24. prashantakerkar

    Designing a Multicolor Smartphone Torch App: Feasibility and Development

    Is it feasible to design and develop a Smartphone torch app which can display light in different colors selected by the end user? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  25. Grinkle

    B Find a Virtual SR Globe App - SiennaTheGr8

    @SiennaTheGr8 the SR Globe you linked to recently is a wonderful visualization aid. I was hoping to find an app that is a virtual version, but I haven't been able to, all I've been able to find are relatively uninspiring single point calculators that are about as engaging as converting lbs to...
  26. jedishrfu

    My App Knows Where I'm Going and Tells Everyone Too

    A recent Guardian article details 24 iOS apps that track your location and related geolocation info and pass it on to third parties. https://guardianapp.com/ios-app-location-report-sep2018.html
  27. Wrichik Basu

    Where to find app data on SD card (Android)?

    In my phone, a large number of apps have been moved to sd card. Where do I find the app data if I view the sd card via windows explorer? The reason I want this is, my phone is creating a lot of problems, and tomorrow I'm taking it to the service centre. They might want to factory reset the...
  28. rocdoc

    I Weinberg and Ray Transformations – Ch2 App A.

    I wondered if anyone might have something to say about how a 'Ray Transformation' should be defined and also point out what Weinberg means by his 'ray transformations T', see Weinberg, Reference 1, pg 91. Should a ray transformation be an equivalence class of operators? I have started to try to...
  29. D

    Java What should i study in order to build my first Android app?

    This year I made a resolution to by the end of summer build an Android app for my Uncle’s bussiness (Rent-a-Car) which would help him organise the dates of booking a car. I have previous programming experience with C and C++ but not with app creating. The idea for the app is really simple but...
  30. Greg Bernhardt

    What P2P money app do you use?

    I've long used Paypal, but now there are so many money transfer apps out there. Most seem redundant and I get really annoyed how friends and family ask me to sign up for an app just so they can send me like $20. Anyone else feel the same? What do you use?
  31. F

    What database skills do I need for Android app development?

    Hello, I am working on my varsity project on an android app development. Due to procrastination and sometimes, yeah, for being busy the deadline is this Thursday. So, less than three days remaining. I had no idea about android app... Last day, I learned layout. So, I made the layout of the pages...
  32. berkeman

    Hardware interface and App SW development for Smart Phones

    So the recent fun thread about Smart Phone uses: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/what-do-smart-phones-partially-replace.932077/ reminded me of several Apps I'd like to write that involve external hardware. Think DAQ or other types of external hardware. Do most external hardware modules...
  33. pairofstrings

    Operating system concepts in an app by Linux System calls

    Before I begin learning what System Calls, Kernel, and Operating System is, I want to confirm that Operating System concepts like Multi-threading, Concurrency, Parallelism, Scheduling, Memory Management, Process Management, Network Management, Device Drivers can be implemented by using Linux...
  34. pairofstrings

    Establish connection between web app and stand-alone app

    Homework Statement Transfer data from stand-alone application written in C/++/# to web application written in C#.NET. Transfer data from web application written in C#.NET to stand-alone application written in C/++/#. Homework Equations The stand-alone application runs on my PC and the web...
  35. S

    Testing Best GRE Apps for iPhone: Get Ready for Exam Day!

    Hello, I’m starting my GRE study soon and would like to know what you guys recommend for GRE study, specifically iPhone apps. I don’t plan on taking exams on the phone, but I would like something that I can use to cram into long term memory while I am on the bus every day. Anything that you...
  36. orb_yt

    App suggestions for practicing mathematics?

    I was browsing the Play Store early this morning looking for a quality app that would allow me to practice and learn various mathematic topics on my mobile device. Surprisingly, none of the results were very good. There were a few basic "flash card" type applications with basic arithmetic, and...
  37. Evo

    Facebook’s Chat App Is Getting New A.I. Features

    This upsets me No Thanks! My friend and I that had been forced to go to FB chat when Yahoo IM was killed started noticing weird things liked words underlined that led to unwanted hyperlinks. And "Start Plan" would pop up in blue. He found this article...
  38. anorlunda

    Turboencabulation App: Calculate & Display Percent Realization

    I'm looking for an app to do turboencabulation calculations for me in the field. In layman's terms I need to measure inverse reactive currents in unilateral phase detractors and to display percent realization. To make it clear, I have six laser stabilized anti-gravid marzelvanes attached to...
  39. berkeman

    App for taking voice notes and To-Do list items?

    I'd like to find a smatphone App for taking quick voice notes for To-Do lists. I have the App ColorNote on my phone right now, but it's awkward to use for taking notes and To-Do lists, and it doesn't seem to have a voice interface. What I'd like to be able to do is use a quick click on my...
  40. orb_yt

    B Space news and events aggregator app

    Hello PF, I built a small application which I figured some users here may be interested in. The app aggregates news and events in the space industry, allows you to view launch schedules, track the space station, and more. It's called Luna and an early version is available on the Play Store...
  41. epenguin

    I Free or cheap app for log plots

    Trying to complete some homework help I got a bit stuck on an elementary or common problem that was always a bit difficult. I have a function f(x) and just want to plot log f(x) against log x. This is common in chemistry and biochemistry. It should have been easy. :redface: I have picked up...
  42. doktorwho

    LaTeX Top iOS App for Creating PDFs with LaTeX | Texpad & Texwriter Alternatives

    hi, do you happen to know any app for iOS that can create pdf-s by writing LaTeX. I know of Texpad and Texwriter but don't know if they can create pdf-s from the code you write. Any help?
  43. M

    Admissions Gradschool App: Cover Letter Needed for CV?

    I am applying to PhD programs and CV is required (of course) but do I also need a covering letter?
  44. B

    Other Reasons an NSF Fellowship app would be declined?

    There are some obvious reasons I know it would be declined: Not following the guidelines, any sort of misconduct ( which could lead to more trouble), poor writing, poor reference letters etc. I re-read all my statements so many times, and I have also had other people proof-read. I have found...
  45. M

    How to Export Data From an App & Display It on a Website

    Hello, Beginner here so take it easy. I am building a basic hybrid-platform app using Smartface (a similar platform to Phongap). For purposes of this discussion, the app will do something very basic: you click the start button and it will start counting down from 30 minutes to 0, and when you...
  46. S

    Designing House Wiring & Digital Diagram App

    I want guideline to design house wiring. Also need an application by which the design diagram can be digitized.
  47. A

    An interactive app for file management

    I am looking for an apps (on windows8) for file management. Something that I can put my selected files in it and to see them in the same time using an interactive way. Also to write, edit with interactive links and pics. what do you recommend. For example, I am preparing to write an article in...
  48. henil

    I want to develop an android app

    i want to develop an android app that calculates intensity using an image preview and to use that intensities to calculate another value from a given physical laws. i am very new to android projects. Please do give suggestions.
  49. Prof.gaming

    Can't chage the default app on my android....

    I am really frustrated because just this one time , I went ahead and for my downloader I hit the always button for firefox . Now whenever I want to download a 7z file ( and some other formats ) it goes straight to downloading , Even when I am not using the firefox ( the default internet app ...
  50. chimath35

    Other financial aid box graduate app

    I am applying for a PhD program in statistics and I want a full assistantship. Should I check the box to apply for additional financial aid or will that affect an assistantship chance? Thanks.