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Looking for atomic energy level database

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    Hello,everyone! I want to know if there is database which can tell me the energy level diagram of atom. I have consulted NIST Atomic database,but I can't find energy level diagram. so anybody can help me ? I WANT to get the energy leverl diagram like hydrogen atom in modern books(potential energy is 0 at infinite) Thank you!
    ps: I want to get the energy level diagram of Cd
    I want to know the energy of 1s electron if we set infinite potential energy to zero!
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    Usually it can be calculated using quantum chemistry softwares like Gaussian. Without software it is tough.
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    Thank you for your reply! take Cd example, I calculate the atomic orbital with Gaussian! there are 24 energy level,but I don't know which energy level is 3s, which is 4d and so on! would you please to help! Thank you!

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    Have you tried to read the generated logfiles? Those may contain information regarding orbitals and energy.
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