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Looking for free online integration calculator.

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    I have been looking for an integration calculator. I need to solve

    [tex]\int_0^{\pi} \frac{\cos (a \cos \theta)}{\sin \theta} d\theta[/tex]

    This is a sine integral that likely involve numerical analysis. I tried Wolfram free Mathematica and it did not find a solution. Please advice.
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    I suspect it has no closed form expression in terms of known special functions and you need to specify the range of the parameter, in order to study its convergence.
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    If you do not have any additional information about 'a' I suspect you are going to have little success.

    If you know enough about the problem that you can justify integrating a series expansion then perhaps

    In[1]:= Integrate[Series[Cos[a t]/Sin[t], {t, Pi/2, 6}], {t, 0, Pi}]

    Out[1]= (Pi*(322560 - (-1 + a)*(1 + a)*Pi^2*(13440 - 168*(-5 + a^2)*Pi^2 + (61 - 14*a^2 + a^4)*Pi^4))*

    But that is making several assumptions.
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    Thanks for the reply, "a" is just a constant, can be just a real number.
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    I already simplify the formula already. "a" is just a constant number, 0 ≤ ##\theta## ≤ ##\pi##.
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    i typed,
    " free online integration calculator ",
    into google and received a list of them.
    the first to come up was,

    wolfram mathematic
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    I tried that already, it can't calculate this function. But thanks.
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