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Looking for graphing software, right place?

  1. Jul 3, 2008 #1
    I remember using this program called "Carbi-Geometry" or at least I think that was the name. I googled for it today and it's not free "anymore" unless I'm confusing the name.

    I want to be able to graph not only triangles, but graphs as well, and I need to be able to label things.

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    You can do a fair bit of graphing with just Excel. Is that sufficient for what you need now?
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    From googling Cabri and freeware
    I found http://oisteing.wordpress.com/tag/freeware/

    Do you require the dynamical-geometry features?
    Or are you just trying to draw geometrical figures (with lines and points)?

    Gnuplot can plot graphs: http://www.gnuplot.info/
    Asymptote can do some interesting things: http://asymptote.sourceforge.net/
    There's also http://www.xfig.org/ and http://jpicedt.sourceforge.net/ and probably a lot more depending on what you really need it to do.
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    I 2nd gnuplot. It's pretty cool.
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    I don't have Excel :( I have "OpenOffice" since I'm broke!

    I would like someone that can graph triangles & functions and that will allow me to label whatever I want. I'll check out the Cabri link you found, it's not loading on the school comp so I have to wait till I'm home.

    I think I have gnuplot, but I don't remember being able to label on it.
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  7. Jul 3, 2008 #6
    Ok, the link works on this comp! GEOGEBRA!!! haha, not Cabri :) Thanks!
  8. Jul 3, 2008 #7
    Although you've found what you were looking for, if you weren't satisfied with gnuplot, xmgrace offers a lot of the functionality that gnuplot lacks.
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