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Looking for jobs. Should I tell them I have a Master's?

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    Hi everyeone,

    I'm applying to entry-level jobs in banking or just about anything. I have a M.Sc. in Math. I'm not getting any calls whatsoever for any kind of job (well not literally). Even if I'm qualified, I don't get a call. My cover and resume are very nice. I have community volunteer hours, extra-curriculars and work experience that show that I'm driven and motivated.

    So what's the deal here? Should I put it on? Is that the problem?
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    How have you followed up on the positions that you've applied to? What have the people handling the short list told you?

    If the responses you're getting are telling you you are overqualified, perhaps you should aim a little higher. I wouldn't omit something like a master's degree from your resume. Instead, I would change the focus, so that perhaps education is a small section on the second page.
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