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Looking for math course that correspond to fluid mechanics

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    I am goin to study fluids mechanic next year, and I want to prepare for it, so I found the cours that corresponds to it, it is translated to english nd linked below. anyway, I want to know or if somebody can lead me to math courses that it is related to fluid mechanics, coz I need to learn it first before studying that course... thank you in advance :)

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    141 views with 0 reply, come on people, I really need ur help ;(
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    Vector Calculus and differential equations for general mathematical theory. Anything is specific will be taught in your fluids class. In my fluids class, we got a crash course in partial differential equations. There classes, however, in partial differential equations, but it is not necessary for the course.
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    Why don't you ask the professor teaching the course or someone in the math department?
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    Thank you cronanster :smile:

    Because I currently am not in town nd plus we're in vacation ..
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