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Looking for more information on magnetism.

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    Hello all. I was wondering if any one know of a web site where I can learn more about magnetism? Nothing in particular, I just wanted to know as much as I can on the topic. I have a huge interest in this topic and hate spending so much time looking online only to find bits and pieces. Please don't say You Tube. Thank You for your time.
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    Hello ThomasG! :smile:

    There's plenty of free books available online.

    Try a google book-search for "magnetism" …

    Click "More" (top right on the google menu bar), then click "Books" on the drop-down menu.

    That gives you all books, but go to the bottom of the page and click "Advanced Search" …

    then click either the "Limited preview and full view" or "Full view only" button, and click "Google Search". :wink:
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