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Looking for online 6-8 week PreCalculus Class.

  1. Jul 6, 2011 #1
    I need to locate an online Pre-Calculus Class that I can start ASAP and finish by August 22nd. This is very important to me. Otherwise I can not register for two classes I wish to take this Fall. I have already had Pre-Calculus once but under less than ideal circumstances (family, financial, and other factors) -leading to a Semester withdrawal. However, I can easily fly through this course if I can find a 6-8 week course. Also, I intend to check with my department chair at my University to make sure the credit will be accepted.


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    The big problem is that many online colleges aren't nationally accredited, so you won't properly get credit for taking precalc. I don't know how deadlines work for online classes, but here's a list of accredited colleges that I found from google:


    My advice would be to start there and do some research.
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    Isn't there a test you can take to prove your qualified?
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