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Testing Looking for Practice Final exams and tips for Quantum/Classical Mechanics

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    As finals are approaching, I'm looking for practice final exams from other universities which will allow me to test my knowledge and prepare for exams. So if anyone is willing to share/has links to a collection of practice tests of Quantum and Classical Mechanics at the undergraduate level, that would be great. Electricity and Magnetism at the introductory level (similar level to MIT's 8.02) would also be appreciated.

    If not what would be some other good study tips to prepare?
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    Thanks for the tip, it's turned out to be helpful.

    So far, I've found more than enough practice finals for Electricity and Magnetism on MIT's website for 8.02. For Classical Mechanics, Princeton had a decent amount. However I'm having trouble finding decent Quantum Mechanics exams with solutions. My course is using Griffiths so if anyone can help with that, it would be great.
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